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Aranet4® CO2 Meter

A Product of SAF Tehnika JSC

Ideal for classrooms, churches, business meetings.
Measuring CO2 levels can help identify efficiency of ventilation.

Also useful in infectious air control of enclosed environments.
See article by Professor Jose-Luis Jimenez on Medium

Aranet4 uses the most precise Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor technology for accurate CO₂ measurements.

It has a super-efficient e-ink display that extends its battery life up to 2 years (2xAA)

Aranet4 shows CO₂ measurements directly on its e-ink screen with a corresponding color indicator and configurable sound alarms
A publication by Professor Donald K. Milton at UMD on CO₂’s relationship to infectious air.

Aranet4 Stand-Alone CO2 Meter

Aranet4 Stand-Alone CO2 Sensor

Aranet4 Home Air Quality Monitor [CO2, Temperature, Humidity & Atmospheric Pressure]

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Radio transmitter units Aranet4-Pro for multiple room or building monitoring with a single base unit (see video above).  The Pro version is identical to the Home model, except it can transmit not only Bluetooth, but low frequency radio to a base station receiver.

Aranet4 Pro: $314.00  Base receiver not required when using as stand-alone.

Purchase Aranet4 Home: $249 (add to cart above)

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The integer display shows the 3 color traffic light signal. The maximum acceptable indoor CO₂ level is 1,000 ppm.

  • Green – good (below 1,000 ppm). Optimal indoor air quality
  • Yellow – average (1,000 ppm). Brain cognitive function lowers by 15%
  • Red – unhealthy (1,400 ppm). Brain cognitive function drops by 50%


However when considering infectious air control, a reading above 600 ppm may indicate too many people in the room and thus ventilation and fresh air needs to come in to lower the risk of infectious air building up. (Higher CO2 levels do not necessarily mean infectious air, e.g. COVID-19 or influenza etc… it simply means that there is a lot of people breathing in the same room/area and the potential always exists that someone in the group may be infectious.  High levels of CO2 simply means, open windows or ensure good air filtration or dismiss your crowd.)  See case studies on aerosol/airborne transmission of COVID-19

Another great and extensive resource to infectious air in relation to  SARS-CoV-2. This is a Google spreadsheet with a number of tabs, contains articles, scientific publications, links to past webinars regarding evidence of transmission. Primary curator is Dr. Alex Huffman of the University of Denver.

A Side Note on Masks
Is a cloth mask okay or should I wear a N95? Even if a cloth mask is half as good in protecting against transmission, the most important point is if everyone is wearing them it can reduce the transmission significantly in a community as a whole and drop the reproductive number down below 1. A recent study that compares cloth to N95

Below is a an objective comprehensive review and instructions for the stand-alone Aranet4 from a reviewer in Europe.