NALTIC Industrials, LLC

About Dave Eldredge

In July of 1998, Dave Eldredge left the Brigham Young University in Utah as a research assistant to Dr. Richard Robison and teaching position at UVU because of family commitments and desire to reach his career goals. 

Eldredge was immediately hired during his first interview by Mr. Mike Lissandrello., then resident of Dinol (U.S.), Inc., in Redmond, Washington, which at the time was owned by a billion dollar Swiss chemical company, EMS-TOGO/EFTEC.

During this time, Lissandrello and his sales team had been instrumental in securing Boeing, and a vast number of aftermarket aerospace and military   accounts, with an exclusive corrosion inhibiting product offering. Later, of which, Boeing wrote its specification for after product development. 

During Eldredge’s tenure with the company, he was responsible for introducing the Swiss manufactured auto glass urethane adhesive to the US automotive aftermarket. This product had many years of success with OEMs Volvo, Audi, VW and a few GM and Ford accounts, and in a.little over 2 years in the position, Eldredge secured an $8 million dollar 3-year exclusive agreement with Pilkington North America to be the sole US supplier of the Dinitrol brand auto glass urethane. At the same time this contract was secured, Lissandrello and his division got purchased by Chemetall, a strong German aerospace chemical company. 

Chemetall acquired the license to sole source, and then later manufacture, the Dinitrol corrosion inhibiting compounds under its new name, Ardrox. After seeing the Pilkington contract to nearly the end of the 3-year agreement, Eldredge met with Lissandrello in 2005 and obtained the agreement to sell Chemetall Ardrox, Oakite products via Gustin Hydraulics, later American NDT, and currently successfully operates independently as NALTIC Industrials.