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Gardobond AP® 9809

Liquid, phosphorous-free pretreatment for multi-metal applications


Gardobond AP® 9809 is a liquid, phosphorous-free, dry-in-place pretreatment that enhances the performance of ubsequently-applied organic liquid and powder coatings. Multi-metal Gardobond AP 9809 reacts with steel, aluminum and zinc substrates to enhance paint adhesion and corrosion resistance properties. Silane-based Gardobond AP 9809 is free of any regulated heavy metals. Substrates must be cleaned and thoroughly rinsed prior to processing in Gardobond AP 9809. Gardobond AP 9809 is used at energy-saving ambient temperature by spray or immersion. Gardobond AP 9809 can be used with most tap water and is compatible with mild steel tanks and spray washers.

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