NALTIC Industrials, LLC

NALTIC Core Values


  • We study and find satisfaction and joy following and applying teachings of the Master Teacher(s) and successful gurus of life.
  • We have empathy and compassion for all people and enjoy improving lives, their happiness collectively and individually now, for future generations and all time.
  • We are open minded to all people and all things.
  • We have curious scientific minds finding satisfaction discovering new and innovated ways of improving, processes, products, widgets or other things improving life, society, freedom, mind, soul, and body.


  • We believe in giving commitment to innovation and excellence and doing good for the whole.
  • We believe in giving our 100% effort.
  • We believe in giving new Motives, giving it a try and improving by getting constant feedback.


  • We have courage to choose and do right.
  • We believe in Honesty, and we give our trust to all who sincerely desire it.


  • We defend truth, life, and liberty
  • We oppose greed, lusting after wealth, immorality, societal ills, and issues that deteriorate family, home, or society.
  • We are unbreakable; we bear and endure anything placed upon us with our faith in Divine Providence. When we fall we get back up and keep going and doing.
  • We are meek, meaning we are not worried about what others think of our status –high or low; never giving permission to feel inferior or superior.