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NYC School Clean Indoor Air

Image of kids looking at a globe with their teacher

Improving Indoor Air Quality for schools

Clean indoor air quality (IAQ) is evidenced-based method of decreasing missed school days related to sickness and increasing cognitive performance in your classroom. Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors are used as a proxy for ventilation in real-time. This information is empowering to educators and administrators and can be used to guide and ensure healthy IAQ or indoor air quality for staff and students in the building.

Special pricing for NYC Schools

We are grateful to have the opportunity to buy the tools we need for cleaner indoor air at a lower-cost. Our school is seeking $2,652.29 in funding for equipment that will help us ensure that our students and staff are breathing healthy indoor air.

aranet 12 pro

Aranet PRO 12

2 x $413 = $826

Aranet4 PRO

7 x $203 = $1,421
Aranet4 PRO without display

Aranet4 PRO no display

1 x $183.53 = $183.53
Image of aranet PM sensor

Aranet PM Sensor

1 x $221.76 = $221.76