Used Aranet 4 Home CO2 monitor

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Used Aranet4® CO2 Meter 

Used for 7.5 months in a research project in a indoor public building (stationary location, out of sight & touch from the start of this year). Calibration from the factory still good & no need for calibration for many more months. In perfect condition, comes in the original box. The batteries were replaced with Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium

CO2 measurement can be used to assess ventilation effectiveness.

Great for gatherings in churches, classrooms, and offices.

Aranet4 displays CO2 data on its e-ink screen together with an associated colour indication and user-configurable sound alarms.

For precise CO2 readings, Aranet4 makes use of the most advanced Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor technology.

Furthermore helpful for controlling pathogenic air in restricted spaces.

It boasts an extremely effective e-ink display that increases battery life to up to two years (2xAA)


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Aranet 4 HOME – A cutting-edge air quality sensor that analyses CO2 levels along with temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.



Aranet4 HOME PRO
Measures carbon dioxide concentration,
temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure



Sensor performance
CO2 concentration1
Relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure2
0 - 9999 ppm
0 - 50 °C
0 - 85%
600 - 1100 hPa
1 ppm
0.1 °C (0.1 °F)
1 hPa
± 30 ppm ± 3% of reading4
±0.3 °C (±0.5 °F)
± 3%
-2 hPa / +3 hPa
Long term drift
0.03 °C/year (0.05 °F/year)
1 hPa/year
Time constant τ (63%)6
100 seconds
10 minutes
Radio parameters7
Line of sight range
3 km (1.9 mi)
Supported ISM bands

EU868, RU869

US920, AS923

Transmitter power

14 dBm

Data transmission interval

1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes

Data protection

XXTEA encryption

Compatible base stations

Aranet PRO

Power 2 AA batteries LED
TX interval
Battery lifetime at 20 °C (68 °F)11
1 minute
0.7 years
0.9 years
2 minutes
1.2 years
1.7 years
5 minutes
2.8 years
4.0 years
10 minutes
4.8 years
7.0 years
Ingress Protection code
Operating temperature range

0 °C to 50 °C
(32 °F to 122 °F)

Operating relative
humidity range

0% to 85%


70 x 70 x 24 mm
(2.76 x 2.76 x 0.94 in)


104 g (3.7 oz)

Font height on the display
10 mm
Enclosure material
Included in the box
2 AA alkaline batteries, configuration pin
Bluetooth parameters
Line of sight range
10 m (33 ft)
Transmitter power

4 dBm or -12 dBm

Data transmission interval

1,2,5 or 10 minutes

Conformité Européenne

Innovation, Science and Economic
Development Canada


Federal Communications Commission

NB! Aranet4 is not impact resistant. Do not leave the device in the direct sunlight.

1. CO2 sensor of the device is calibrated at standard atmospheric pressure. CO2 readings are pressure compensated and comply with the specifications down to 750 hPa. If the device has to be used at high altitude for a prolonged period of time, manual calibration of the unit should be
performed for optimal performance. It is not intended to use the device higher than 4,000 m (13,000 ft) above the sea level.

2. The device measures absolute pressure, i.e., pressure readings are not compensated for an elevation above the sea level.

3. 95% of the sensors measure within these typical limits in equilibrium state at the time of sale. For evaluation of the total measurement error longterm drift has to be taken into account.

4. CO2 measurement accuracy is provided for a range 0 … 5000 ppm, temperature 15… 35 °C (59… 95 °F) and relative humidity 0… 80%. Accuracy above 5000 ppm is 10% of reading, but not guaranteed since it is extrapolated form the calibrated range.

5. If a drift of the CO2 measurements occurs, calibration feature of the device should be used. Auto calibration mode is utilizing ABC algorithm whereas
Manual calibration mode demands sensor to be exposed to fresh air.

6. Time constant is determined at 1 m/s airflow.

7. Available only for the PRO version of the product.

8. Weight with alkaline Fujitsu Premium LR6G07 AA batteries.

9. Fujitsu Premium LR6G07 AA batteries used for tests and calculations.

10. Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 AA batteries used for tests and calculations.

11. With the Bluetooth connection disabled. Battery lifetime data has been obtained by mathematical extrapolation and is provided for descriptive
purposes only and is not intended to make or imply any guarantee or warranty..

Additional information

Weight 0.5125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Key features include:

  • When the CO2 concentration exceeds harmful levels, there are visual and audible warnings.
  • Wireless, portable, and easy to use
  • NDIR technology that ensures precise measurements
  • Energy efficient e-ink display
  • Long battery life for up to 4 years!



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