Aranet4 Pro CO2 monitor NYC-Schools


Aranet4® CO2 Pro Meter

The Aranet4 Pro is a contemporary battery-operated stand-alone wi-fi sensor for measuring CO2, relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure in a variety of interior situations, such as the house, classroom, or business.

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Aranet4 Pro is light, portable, easy to set up, and practical to use. The traffic light indicator gadget aids in letting you know when the monitored temperatures reach dangerous levels. 


The integer display shows the 3 color traffic light signal. The highest level of CO2 that can be present indoors is 1,000 ppm.
  • Green – good (below 1,000 ppm). Optimal indoor air quality
  • Yellow – average (1,000 ppm). Brain cognitive function lowers by 15%
  • Red – unhealthy (1,400 ppm). Brain cognitive function drops by 50%

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