Aranet4 PRO / HOME Wall Mount Bracket


Aranet4 HOME and Aranet4 PRO wall mount bracket.

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  1. Components: screw, screwdriver, wall mount, wall plug
  2. Put the wall mount in the mounting hole on the backside of the Aranet4 sensor
  3. Push the wall mount upwards in a locked position
  4. Put the screw into the wall mount
  5. Drill a hole in the wall in the desired  location. Drill diameter: 6mm
  6. Push wall plug into the hole
  7. Screw Aranet4 to the wall. Use a  screwdriver with a security Torx T15 bit.
  8. Aranet4 is mounted to the wall and 11 ready to measure indoor air quality!

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Weight 1 lbs



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