Tech Cool® 35052CF


(5 GAL – 50557041)
(55 GAL – 50557039)
(275 GAL – 50557044)

Tech Cool 35052CF Is a premium grade, heavy-duty, chlorine free, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, designed to machine and grind difficult-to-machine materials.  Meets BAC5008 usage areas 2, 5 & 6. Tech Cool was designed by Boeing. Tech Cool 35052CF usage area for Boeing includes Usage Area 2, (a PSD 6-136 of BAC-5008) all hardened or heat treated steels with a hardness more than 180ksi.  In other words with usage area 2, 5 & 6 CF can be used to machine any bare metals.

Tech Cool 35052 CF (TDS) (PDF)

BASF Chemetall

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Additional information

Weight 550 lbs

275 GAL, 5 GAL, 55 GAL

Primary Application

Tech Cool® 35052CF is a Generation V, heavy-duty, bio-resistant premium grade semi-synthetic metal working fluid designed for machining and grinding. Tech Cool 35052CF is specifically formulated for those facilities machining aluminum, titanium, inconel and other difficult to machine alloys, but fully compatible with all substrates, making it ideal for multi-metal systems.

Tech Cool 35052CF achieves the ideal blend of high lubricity with unsurpassed micro-emulsion stability resulting is aerospace performance levels with exceptional sump life. Tech Cool 35052CF is formulated to provide protection against the growth of bacteria. This product has no bactericides, no DCHA nor are there any other secondary amines. The high detergency components aid in system cleanliness, minimal residues and reduced consumption. Tech Cool 35052CF is low foaming, provides superior corrosion resistance and rejects tramp oils effectively. Meets BAC5008 area 2, 5,& 6 (Area 2 is a PSD 6-136 of BAC5008)

Chemical Characterstics



Chemical composition Petroleum based
Physical form Amber liquid
Odor Mild
Water solubility Emulsifies
Sulfur None
Chlorine None
Formaldehyde donating biocides None
Foaming tendency Low
pH at working concentrations 9



Grinding 4 to 6 percent
Machining 5 to 12 percent


Tech Cool 35052CF is safe for use on Stainless Steels, Inconels, Hastalloy, and other ferrous alloys. It is also safe for use on aluminum and aluminum alloys as well as 356 and 380 series cast aluminum. Tech Cool 35052CF is designed to be mixed directly with water and is suitable for tapping, reaming, sawing, turning, ID and OD grinding or similar operations.


Refractometer Readings – Tech Cool 35052CF can be measured using a handheld refractometer (0-10 or 0-30 Brix).
Refractometer factor = 1.13


Excellent emulsion stability
Bio-resistant without use of bactericides, DCHA, or secondary amines
Low foaming, suitable for high speed machining
Hard water stable (to 1,200 ppm)
Excellent protection from staining on aluminum, brass and ferrous/iron alloys
Low maintenance requirements
Improved tramp oil rejection designed for extended fluid life and recycling
Low oil misting
Meets BAC5008


The Chemetall Americas Refractometer (0-10 or 0-30 Brix) can be used to measure the refractive index (Brix) of this product/solution. Water driven proportioners can be used to automatically feed the premixed solution of this product to the sumps. The Coolant Filter System can be used to filter out sludge, and oils from the metalworking fluids and help extend the performance of the sump. Please contact the Process Equipment and Engineering Department for specific recommendations.

NOTES OF USE – (see Material Safety Data Sheet)
Always add Tech Cool 35052CF to water; never add water to Tech Cool 35052CF concentrate.


Prior to handling and use of the material referenced in this document, the Material Safety Data Sheet should be read and understood by all personnel in contact with these materials.



Dry indoor storage at temperatures between 40ºF and 100ºF (4.4ºC and 37.8ºC) is recommended, away from any incompatible materials referenced in the Material Safety Data Sheets. All containers should be tightly closed when not in use.


Any disposal of the materials referenced in this document should be in accordance with all applicable federal, state, providential and local regulations. The process solution can contain components other than those present in the materials as supplied. Analysis of process solutions may be required prior to disposal.


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