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Highly alkaline compound for Removing Rust, Paint, Phosphate Coatings and Shop Soils from Ferrous Metals

Primary Application

SUPER RUSTRIPPER a versatile alkaline compound, does the work of three materials, a rust stripper, a paint stripper and a detergent. In one operation, it removes rust, many paint finishes, phosphate coatings, as well as forming lubricants, carbon and shop soils. As a result, it replaces acid pickling to eliminate the danger of hydrogen embrittlement and blistering of subsequently applied plated coatings.

It can be applied by tank immersion or spray washing. Super Rustripper meets federal specification TT-C-490C, Method V. It’s also authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

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Chemical composition Contains caustic soda, alkaline salts, sequestering agents and surfactants
Physical form As Received: White to yellow powder
Physical form in use Clear solution
Bulk density 996 g/L (8.3 lb/gal)
Flash point None
Foam Tendency Slight
Recommended diluent Water
Maximum Solubility 600 g/L (5 lb/gal) at boiling
Behavior in Hard Water Sequesters
Rinsability Fair
Biodegradable Surfactants Yes
Phosphorous-free Yes
Viscosity N/A
Hygroscopic Tendency High
Normal Working Concentrations 120 – 600 g/L (1 – 5 lb/gal) for tank immersion
Normal Working Concentrations for spraying 15 – 60 g/L (2 – 8 oz/gal) for spray washing
Normal working temperature 71 °C (160 °F) to boiling
pH at Working Concentrations 13+

Effect of Working Solutions on Metals Rate of metal loss from one-hour immersion in Super Ruststripper, 60 g/L (8 oz/gal), 71 °C (160 °F), projected for one year, is as follows:

Metal (alloy)



Aluminum Attacks Attacks
Chrome plate 0.08 0.003
Steel 0.00 0.000
Stainless steel 0.00 0.000
Magnesium 0.00 0.000
Brass 0.05 0.002
Zinc 5.79 0.228
Copper 0.08 0.003
Galvanized steel* 3.93 0.152

Application Procedure: By Tank Immersion: Recommended concentration is 120 to 600 g/L (1 to 5 Ib/gal) of water from 71 °C (160 °F) to a rolling boil. Immersion time will be determined by the type of soils to be removed. By Spray Washer: Recommended concentration is 15 to 60 g/L (2 to 8 oz/gal) of water, 71 to 82 °C (160 to 180 °F). Solution Control Concentrations are titrated using Gardotest Procedure 92 and Gardotest Procedure 58. For free and total alkalinity use Gardotest Procedure 123. For concentrations use Gardotest Procedure 92 or Gardotest Procedure 58. Gardotest Procedure 92: Sample Size: 1.0 mL Factor: 10 Gardotest Procedure 58: Sample Size: 10.0 mL Factor: 2.5 For free and total alkalinity use Gardotest Procedure 123. (See Procedure) Equipment: Chemical Dispensing: The Chemetall Slurry Feed System can be used to premix powdered products with water allowing them to become slurries. The slurries can then be fed into the process automatically with a process controller and/or the proper chemical feed pump. The system includes a slurry tank, tank stand, mixer and chemical feed pump. Please contact the Chemetall Process Equipment and Engineering Department for specific recommendations Safety and Handling: Prior to handling and use of BASF Super Rustripper, see the Safety Data Sheet. The SDS should be read and understood by all personnel in contact with the product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Disposal: Any disposal of the materials referenced in this document should be in accordance with all applicable federal, state, providential and local regulations. The process solution can contain components other than those present in the materials as supplied. Analysis of process solutions may be required prior to disposal. Storage: Dry indoor storage at temperatures between 40 and 100 °F (4.4 and 37.8 °C) is recommended, away from any incompatible materials referenced in the Safety Data Sheets. All containers should be tightly closed when not in use. SUGGESTION OF OTHER PRODUCTS YOUR COMPANY MAY USE • CLEANERS • ETCHANTS • DEOXIDIZERS • RUST PREVENTIVES • METALWORKING FLUIDS (coolants and lubricants) • WASTE WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS • FLOOR CLEANERS AND MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS • PROCESS EQUIPMENT/CONTROL SYSTEMS DISTRIBUTED BY NALTIC INDUSTRIALS AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE USA BASF/Chemetall US, Inc. (“Chemetall”) warrants that products described within its official technical papers will conform with its published specifications. The products supplied by Chemetall and information related to them are intended for use by buyers having necessary industrial skill and knowledge. Buyers should undertake sufficient verification and testing to determine the suitability of the Chemetall materials for their own purpose. Since buyer’s conditions of use of products are beyond Chemetall’s control, Chemetall does not warrant any recommendations and information for the use of such products. CHEMETALL DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF ITS PRODUCTS. Please contact us directly for a complete and official BASF Chemetall Technical Data Sheet and/or SDS in PDF.Contact us: Office (888) 891-0077 email: Headquarters NALTIC Industrials, LLC 299 S Main St Suite 1300 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 USA